Today is a salutary lesson in what I could achieve if I got up and got on, instead of sitting at the computer nursing a rocket strength cup of coffee every morning.

It is about 11am. and (preen preen) I have already been out, been to a meeting, taken notes for the minutes, clarified a few items and am now home,  admittedly drinking coffee and eating toast and Marmite but today I feel I have already earned that.

And I have to go to School this afternoon!

Now that I am back at the computer, undoubtedly time will speed up to compensate for me slowing down and sadly nothing will be gained.  But then it was good whilst it lasted.

I am slowly getting ready for setting up at Stafford this Thursday.  Basically the car is almost full and when it reaches tilt, we are done.  Not very scientific but it works for me.

And Auntie Pats bedroom is ready and we have hoovered pathways through the debris and shoved a load of things into the front room and slammed the door.

But wouldn’t you know it, just as it was when she came last time, the hot water is on the blink.  I think that it is some kind of aquatic curse.  We are doomed for ever to wash in cold water!  And it can’t be fixed until Monday at the earliest.

Minutes to type and distribute, places to go.  I’m off.