I sit here at my computer, surrounded by teetering heaps of miscellaneous books,  vintage magazines and newspapers marking the passing of history.  Sorting, stacking and occasionally pushing difficult things to the back to be dealt with another time.   And in between drinking coffee and gazing down the garden seeing it changing from late Summer to Autumn, and counting my Blessings.

I moan that as I get older, time seems to pass more quickly but perhaps that is because now I have time to sit and look and think,  that uses up the hours as well.

I have always been lucky enough in my life to use all of each day, not always, it’s true, doing things that I have wanted to do but very rarely have I had to worry about, nothing to do.

As a young woman it might have improved me to sit and think a bit more,  but then we are what we are and surely if we learn from our mistakes and don’t keep on making the same ones over and over, that is what life is all about.

Very philosophical this morning, and just about to descend into the maudlin, I fear, must be something in the air. Time to go.

More Coffee please!