Just got time to say ‘Good Morning’.  Lots of things on the agenda today.

For a start,  Manchester United are playing Leicester at the King Power Stadium at 1.30 today and Uncle Robber has kindly arranged for my Other Half to go and watch and he is very excited!

And I am hoping that the Grand Prix (Formula One) is on the television this afternoon, so that I can sit and finish knitting a sleeve and watch it.  Apparently the high lights are on at 5pm and so I shall work towards sitting down then, so whatever gets done today must be done by then.

I did manage to get everything ready to load yesterday whilst he was out and fettle Auntie Pat’s bedroom ready for when she comes next Monday, and so today we just have to unload the stuff that my Other Half took to Market Harborough yesterday.   Mostly different boxes are ready to go to Bingley, and then load them and my stuff.

It’s all go here, and the sun is shining so I ought to put the washing machine on and get a load out there blowing on the line.

I always think that one of the signs of a good housewife is a line of billowing clothes drying in the sunshine, something I aspire to but don’t often achieve.  I usually manage to wash on the grey drizzly days when if you get the washing out,  it hangs desultorily sulking and drapes damply around the house for the next few days reminding you that things could be different if you didn’t sit at the computer every morning but just got up and got on!