My Other Half has taken a car full of glass to Market Harborough.  It is the AGM of the Carnival Glass Society there this weekend and they have a jolly Knees Up, interspaced with lots of Carnival Glass.

I was rather torn when I waved him off at dawn this morning.  I love the getting together and the chat but I have a whole load of things to do if we are to be ready for the Bingley Hall Antique Fair in Stafford next weekend.  And as he (my Other Half) is away next Wednesday we are on an even tighter schedule than usual.

He won’t be back until Thursday evening.  He is giving a talk in Southport, about Carnival Glass, wouldn’t you know?  And we have roped Uncle Robber in to help me unload and set up at Stafford on Thursday and then hopefully he can escape, it is really not his thing,  and we will be back to normal on Friday.

And seeing as I am at work on Tuesday and Wednesday now, I can’t do my usual dithering about.  Time to be focussed and hopefully by this evening I shall be sorted.

So I am off!