As always I have drifted away half the morning and I really must go and get myself organised, its school this afternoon.

I am quite enjoying working 2 afternoons instead of one full day.  It means that I can get the house and dinner sorted before I go in and if I got moving, instead of drifting, a bit earlier in the day I would be well in front of myself.  Still it is my joy to get up slowly and greet the day.

I am still sorting out all the books that I bought over the weekend.  Mostly children’s books as I think I  said.

An 1867 spelling and reading book, rather tatty and well used but lovely and judging by the hand written dedications in the front well used throughout the years.  And not so very different to the system that we use today!

Copy book 001

And a whole load of Dr.Doolittle books, reprints from the 1940’s, the originals were printed in the 1920’s/30’s, they were written and illustrated by Hugh Lofting and I loved them as a child.  as much for their beautiful pictures as the slightly surreal stories.

Dr.Doolittle 005Dr.Doolittle 002k

That is really as far as I have got up to now, real life keeps getting in the way.

And as it would be a bad thing to turn up at school still wearing my dressing gown it is definitely time to go.