We are busy at the moment.

My Other Half is sorting glass and I am indulging in a feast of books.

It is the Carnival Glass Society AGM at the weekend in Market Harborough and he is filling a few boxes of treasures he wants to take to show off and even maybe sell.  He is frantically searching for two particular pieces that he can’t seem to find and when I tentatively suggested that making a list of stock would have helped with finding them, he bit my head off!  He is not a list person but with so much glass sometimes a few clues as to their where abouts  helps.  Still least said etc.

And I have had two good books in a row to read, such a treat.  And I have spent the last two days buying old books to sell and I love most of them too.

I really enjoy the series of books written by Colin Cotterill and his latest is a real page-turner.  Called ‘Slash and Burn’  It features Dr.Siri and his friends in another  investigation, very funny but dark and serious around the edges and although they are written around the aftermath of the Vietnam War,  so serious and horrible they have a feel good factor which I enjoy.

The other Detective book that I have just finished is called ‘The Long Way Home’ by Louise Penny and is another latest in a  series.  A beautifully written  book that I just couldn’t put down.  But dark, so dark redeemed by the good  (who ever or what ever they are) and always a twist that makes you gasp out aloud.

The sad thing about reading any ‘just published’ book is that you have a long wait for the next but if you like ‘Who-dun-its’ and haven’t tried either  of these, go for it, start at the beginning of each series and work your way through and by the time you have caught up with me the next ones might be out there.  And if you are like me you will notice that as you go along the –  I was going to say writing, but actually I feel that would be rather arrogant of me, the stories seem to live better.  Rather clumsy but I can’t think of a better way to say it.

Got to go now, I will have to tell you about my new, old books that I am so pleased with another time.