We have to get the loading finished for Builth Wells today.  We hope to be away at about 8-ish in the morning and if we don’t get held up by the lure of cups of coffee and traffic etc.  We should be there shortly after 11 and that will give us the rest of the day to unload and set up, which would be great.

We are not terribly good at being focussed, something to do with both being Aquarians, at least that is what I always blame it on.

Either we both take the lead or neither of us, neither of those scenario’s are good,.  Especially when we both assume that the other knows what we are doing.  Still it usually ends up reasonably right, probably by the power of prayer and crossed fingers!

Hopefully we will be finished loading by lunch time.  The Chimney Sweep is coming at half past twelve and providing he and my Other Half don’t spend all afternoon setting the world to rights, we might have time to buy a few groceries and get a bit of a sit down this evening.

I want to take a packed lunch with us tomorrow, if I get organised enough and if all goes well and tomorrow evening,  eat at the village Pub.  That is what I am working towards, our reward for all this weeks hard work.