I got to school yesterday convinced that no one would really want me any more.  a very small cog in the machinery and rather a moany one at that.  It turns out, that they all want me to hear their classes read, yes please!  But, and it is a big but really considering that I only spare them one day a week out of my busy life as an antique entrepreneur, they all really would like me at 2pm on a Tuesday!

They have sorted it, jiggled and wriggled their timetables and providing that I can do 2 afternoons (plus a bit) instead of  one full day, all will be well.

And I quite like that because it means that I can fit in the odd coffee morning etc.  And I do enjoy reading with the children and getting to play with my new library.  Not really mine as such but as long as me and the children can keep the impenetrable book shelving system secret from all the other grown ups, it is ours.

Although where we have shelved all the copies of Ted Hugh’s Iron Man, none of us can remember?

So really it is a win, win situation for me, and I like it!