Monday morning,  Plan ‘A’ get up early, and by lunch time have the Kia at least half loaded ready to go to Builth Wells Antique Fair on Friday morning.  Sadly it is 11am and I am still sitting in my dressing gown staring at the keyboard but in my head it is all going to be straight forward and done by tea time.

In spite of my Other Half’s raging gout and a list of other things to do as long as my arm,  and I have to go to School tomorrow and ……..

All will be well, probably!

In my dotage I have turned into a worry guts and in between knowing that no matter what,  we usually manage to turn up with enough of the right things to make a good show,  I lie awake in the wee small hours fretting about World Peace, do the tyres on the car want checking, will we get everything we need in, will I ever manage to finish knitting the sleeves,  will the Grandchildren be all right at school etc.

And to add a frisson (have I spelt that right, neither me nor the spell checker have ever tried for that one before).  I really should be worrying about the fact that Aunty Pat is coming to stay on the 29th of Sept, just as we get back from Stafford Antique Fair and a few days before we set off for Peterborough Festival of Antiques!  And when we are in Wales we are in sole charge of a flock of chickens (at our B&B), I hope that they all behave!

I have a theory that once it is all written down it will be a doddle and more or less, sort itself out.

Maybe, might be!