Very Autumnal weather we are having, it has turned very chilly early mornings and late evenings although the sunshine is lovely in the daytime as long as you are in a sheltered spot.

Starting off with a weather forecast, never a good sign.  It usually means that I don’t have much to say.  Although that is not strictly true, I always have plenty to say but whether it is of any interest to anyone else is a moot point.

I am busy bumbling about gathering up bits and pieces to sell in Builth Wells.  I find that my books don’t always go terribly well there although maps and things like that usually do,  so I like to take some nice pieces of Victorian pottery and sometimes small furniture if we can fit it in.

Yesterday I bought a part Victorian Dinner service, rather nice although not blue and white, the preferred colour but on an old Dresser it would look good.  There are tureens and dinner plates and soup plates, a large meat dish and some ladles.  I saw it last week and dithered but have thought of it every day since and made my mind up that if it was still there I would see if I could buy it.  And it was and obviously, I did, and very pleased with it I am.

I also bought a pair of Burleigh, c1930’s ‘Flying Geese’ vases, again not quite the colour that I like best, they are dark green but very Deco and of their time and hopefully someone will fall in love with them.  They are not rare but you don’t often find a pair, and a pair is always better than just one, or so the saying goes.

On Monday we are off to Malvern buying, so I have saved some money for that and then we are off to Builth Wells on the Friday.  And so starts a busy September.

After Builth comes Bingley and then Peterborough, inter spaced with the Carnival Glass AGM at Market Harborough and right in the middle of all that Auntie Pat has decided that she is coming from Italy!

She is on her way up to Scotland to visit relatives of her husband but has decided that she must see us as well.  She is welcome but won’t stay here on her own and so she has got another cousin to put her up when we are away.  All too complicated for me.

Anyway got to go now, these colder mornings make me sleep in later and the day is half gone already.