Yesterday we spent the day in Stoke.  We went to the Emma Bridgewater factory and then on to the Burleigh shop.

There were road works, rain and loads of traffic all the way into Stoke.  We borrowed my Other Half’s Kia so that we would all fit in and as he decided looking at pots was not his thing, Robert drove, and cursed the gears and almost everything else about Kia’s but it got us there and without it we would have had to take two cars, which would have been a nightmare!

We started off with cake and drinks in the Emma Bridgewater café and visited the chickens in the garden before getting down to the serious business of choosing which pots we needed, none really but we wanted them all!  And which we could afford, which is far more to the point.

emma bridgewater 002

Coffee and cake, delicious!

emma bridgewater 004

Wonderful spotty Aga in the café, in the winter they cook, deliciously smelling, hearty stews, soup and jacket potatoes here.

emma bridgewater 003.emma bridgewater 010

Piles of coffee mugs ready for the rush and a lovely shot of the little walled garden where they grow, herbs and vegetables and flowers all of which they use.

emma bridgewater 013

And of course keep the chickens, although only a few at the moment.

emma bridgewater 008

Oscar relaxing off the cake, before the serious business of shopping.

emma bridgewater 014

What to choose?

We didn’t go on the factory tour this time, nor did we paint our own pots, much to Oscars disappointment but we did peep in all the doors and windows and have a good look at what was going on.

emma bridgewater 018emma bridgewater 020emma bridgewater 019

And then we set the Sat-Nav and went and found the Burleigh Factory. Only 15 minutes away but  we have never been before and found that we all loved their pots as much as the Bridgewater ones in spite of them being far more traditional.  They do amongst other things that lovely dark blue pattern called Calico and they do it in deep red too. Tempting!

emma bridgewater 025emma bridgewater 023emma bridgewater 026

Spectacular light fitting in the shop and beautiful tempting displays and of course we managed to spend a little more, and then firmly left to find somewhere for lunch.