I am out of sorts today.  Entirely self-inflicted!

I should have gone to a funeral today and I opted out.

I have in my life, been to many funerals,  relatives of course,  Aunts and Uncles etc., bearable because you don’t live in each others pockets but sad because you know how their close family feel.

And then of course the gut wrenching loss of my own close ones, each one taking a little bit of me with them.

But today I realise that I haven’t had to choose, whether to go or not before, there was no question about not attending those funerals, you stick a brave face on and turn up!

Today was the funeral of a friend, not close but we have lived on the edges of each others lives for forty years.  I can’t even say that ‘we have been there for each other’ although we have both had our ‘ups and downs’ and when our lives have touched we have gossiped and sympathised and then moved on until the next time.

A good friendship though,  taken as found.

I didn’t come to say goodbye, so I am doing it now.

A good death, by all accounts, who could wish for more.