It is going to be a busy weekend, Oscar coming to stay, Uncle Robber coming back from America and then tomorrow we are having Robber’s 40th Birthday lunch.

I am hoping that he will not be too jet-lagged,  or he will be falling asleep in his lunch just like he used to do when he was little.

The garden is all greens and greens this morning as I sit looking out.  That little bit of rain yesterday washed off the dust and sharpened up every shade of green that you can imagine and the birds are not so interested in the bird bath today, perhaps like me they like a bit of sunshine before they enjoy splashing about.

I finally caught up with my grocery shopping and we took Kate and the kids for lunch at the Deli on Queens Road.  Another Fasting day where we didn’t quite manage to stick to the plan.  On the good side, we are not piling on weight but neither are we losing much!

Ebay, for us at the moment is as dead as a Dodo, but I keep on persevering.  Yesterday I listed this rather pretty ‘Leaf and Beads’ rose bowl.  Made by Harry Northwood in America in about 1911.

leaf and beads 005

Look great full of red roses wouldn’t it?