In spite of pottering around the Asian Supermarket and nipping to Lutterworth yesterday I still have a shopping list of things that I keep forgetting, so today’s plan is to shop sensibly in Sainsburys.  Maybe, might be!

Oscar (7-year-old Grandson) is coming  for a sleep over tomorrow, so I need to sort out his room and make up his bed.  I tend to use his room as a dressing room, so it will be a good incentive to put my things away properly instead of laying them on the bed, and then I might even Hoover the floor.  Not that he will notice, he is a boy after all!

He is usually no bother to entertain and Uncle Robber will arrive back from Las Vegas tomorrow so no doubt, Oscar will want to interrogate him on what he has seen, and done, and eaten.

Kate and Jason took the children and got married there and although I suspect Oscar’s memories are rather fluffy, he was only a toddler, the girls are desperate to go back there and were very envious of Uncle Robber.

I do have a back up plan just in case Oscar gets bored, I have several saplings and bushes that could do with cutting down/thinning out and he will enjoy dragging bits of trees about and generally helping!

Bit of a grey morning today.  Over the last couple of weeks by the time that I have thought that, the sun is shining, but not today.  My Other Half rang his sister Aunty Pat,  in Italy yesterday and she tells us that the weather there is not very good at all, changeable with rain and not as warm as usual.

I am glad that I haven’t gone there chasing the sun and when I was watching the Tour De France over the last three weeks, other than the glorious sunshine that they had in Yorkshire at the start of the race the weather was very patchy.   All through France there were many days that were stormy and wet.  Perhaps the Midlands is the place to be this year because I know that they have had flash floods down south and rain at the Commonwealth games in Scotland.  The middle is the place to be, ‘Costa Del Barwell?

I always feel that if I have to resort to talking about the weather at great lengths, it is probably time to go so I’m off!