We are up bright and breezy this morning, we are off to Kate’s to pick her and Oscar up and we are going shopping in Leicester.  The girls are camping, somewhere up north with their cousins and Jason is at work and so there is only the two of them.

We are going to a Supermarket, more like a warehouse and has been there for years, somewhere near Belgrave in Leicester, my Other Half and I often pop in there for fruit and veg, and have been doing for many years  Owned by Asians and I only realised last time we went that we were the only white people in there.  It is always busy and the women who live around there seem to buy just enough for the day, consequently everything is fresh.

The ladies and some times men, shop the way that we used to before Shrink wrap and giant supermarkets took over our lives.  They are discerning buyers and won’t pay over the odds, and won’t put up with rubbish.  And they like to see what I put in my trolley and sometimes disapprove.  Last time I bought corn on the cob, I think that they were 3 for about £1.60, they thought that this was too much money and ‘sucked their teeth’ at my profligacy.

They don’t all speak English, and of course I don’t speak their languages but mostly it is like being out shopping with my Mum and Aunts when me and the world were younger.

Anyway it is time to go, otherwise it will be time to get back before we have gone, if you see what I mean!