Soon I will never be able to leave the computer.  It seems to take up more and more of my time, I don’t really mind but not much else gets done.

Yesterday I was very firm with myself and took an hour in the morning to nip and see my neighbour, have a cup of tea with her and catch up on all the gossip.  The first time that we have managed it for weeks and as for my Monday knitting group, I think that I have managed to get there twice since Christmas, not good at all.

I do enjoy being in almost instant communication with the world, and blogging etc, but it runs away with the time.

This morning I have checked the Emails, looked at the things that we have on Ebay, looked at Facebook, Up dated ‘Suegray Antiques’ page on there, and now I am blogging and I haven’t yet looked at Pinterest, which daughter Kate assures me will be very useful as a kind of archive.

I must admit that it is lovely to browse pictures and be able to save them in a form that means you can retrieve them whenever, and to look at what others like but it all takes time.

And really about now I should be getting dressed and fettling the kitchen.  Joy of joys, a man is coming today to clean my cooker!  I do clean it in a half-hearted way but after twenty years of my ministrations it really needs a good going over, and Kate recommended this man, he supposed to be very good.  and my cooker will be a good test of his abilities.

And my Other Half is probably going to Coventry to see a man about a load of books and ephemera that he wants to sell to us.  Apparently there is about 1/2 ton of the stuff, everything from books, to maps, to letters etc.  My initial reaction was no, but my Other Half can’t bear to turn potential profit down and so I am insisting that he goes on his own, and anyway if it turns out to make us a fortune he will be able to bask in the glory all by himself.

This is obviously a 2 coffee pot morning, time to go!