Bit of a grey morning but still not cold.  My Other Half has been up since 5.30am.  He creeps around quietly!  So as not to wake me!  I did manage to get back to sleep for an hour or so and he is happily ensconced on the settee watching endless repeats, ‘Third Rock from the Sun’ and ‘Storage Wars’, his secret vice.  I suppose it could be a lot worse!

As soon as Kate and the kids come we are off to Donnington Antique Fair, treasure hunting.  He wanted her to be here at about 8am but I feel that would be a miracle, specially in the School holidays.  Actually I am specking on her being a bit late so I can fit another cup of coffee in before I get dressed.  Seems fair, and she will be blamed for holding him up, instead of me.

Actually considering he has suffered for several days now with his gout, and he really has been in agony,  it seems to have been on the mend since yesterday and he is quite nippy with a walking stick.  Good job really or we would have had to consider a Bath chair to wheel him around the Fair and that would have been a blow to his pride.

Apart from his gout he is rather happy at the moment, he has sent pictures of his two ‘Tulip and Butterfly’ bowls and his Uranium, glow in the dark ‘Pineapple and Bows’ bowl to the Carnival Glass Society and he has had nice, droolingly envious messages back.  So he is in full preening mode!

And the plate that we posted to Australia arrived, and the customer loves it and is looking to buy more, always reassuring.  We post them off and some times people don’t even have the courtesy to let us know that they have arrived.

I can see the bottom of my coffee cup now, and it is almost 8am, so just in case Kate does the dirty on me and turns up on time I had better go and get dressed!