And so here, as sort of promised, mainly because I should be doing something else and I obviously am not,  is a quick resume of what I have posted on Suegray Antiques in the last couple of days.

I have been showing a few pictures of Sowerby glass.  They were based at Gateshead on Tyne and made glass from early Victorian times up until about the 1950’s.  They made some really lovely stuff.  Queen’s Ivory for example made for the Great Exhibition, Queen Victoria loved it so much that she allowed them to call it Queen’s Ivory.  Pretty and dainty and very collectible.

They experimented with colour and some of their socking reds and brilliant blues are wonderful but unfortunately they also churned out some really rough pieces.  Quite often you find a pretty bowl or jug and discover that the glass is full of slag from the kilns, and they tended to use the moulds over and over again until the patterns were no longer crisp but some times almost indefinable.  Some of their early black glass was coloured with coal dust, until they discovered the right chemicals to use!

And like all manufacturers when they weren’t setting the trends they copied others and around the 1920’s they launched themselves for a short while into Carnival Glass but again some of the moulds that they used had already done service for the best part of a century and so although some of their pieces were magnificent others were very mediocre.

They made a lot of sugar and creamer sets, slop bowls and fruit bowls and the like and one of their more common patterns is called ‘Pineapple and Bows’.  and just because they are relatively easy to find doesn’t mean that they are unattractive, I love this pattern.

The other day we acquired a fruit bowl, Pineapple and Bows but on a green glass base.  Commonly they are Marigold/orange and occasionally Amethyst/purple but green is rare!

On a whim we ran the UV light over it, it glows a brilliant green, it is Uranium Glass, rare as hens teeth, not listed, not known.  Wow!

So here are my pictures, not my best but you can see what I mean;

sowerby green 023

sowerby green 018

sowerby green 019

sowerby green 021

All the same bowl, I can assure you.