When I blog here, when I press publish, what ever it is gets put on my Face book page as well, which I am quite pleased with now.  Although in the first place I found it rather inhibiting to have a wider audience, and was almost, note the almost, monosyllabic.

I found it rather deterring to be appearing for all to see between the adverts, lovely/horrid things, recipes and cute/weird, endangered etc. Now, I realise that it is there in eyesight so fleetingly that I needn’t have worried unless I get totally controversial in some way or other and go viral.  Neither of which is going to happen, so these days I get on and do my own thing.

Since my debut on Face book, however I have made myself a ‘ Suegray Antiques and Collectables’ page, which I am quite proud of and there I share things about my antiques life which I think others will find interesting which I enjoy doing and my only sadness is that now I have to split my time between here and there.

I wish that what I posted there would automatically appear here but it doesn’t work that way apparently.  So as I get less time to post those things here maybe you would like to have a look over there.

I understand that some, indeed my self at one time, cannot be doing with the idiocies of Facebook but all I can say is ‘don’t look’ at what you don’t like.  And on the other hand I will try harder to put some of the things that I put on there, on here.

Seems only fair!

What a ravely post, and neither I nor Spellcheck can spell ‘ravelly -ravely ‘ but hopefully you get the drift.