School, around here, breaks for the Summer at the end of this week.  I cannot believe that another academic year has flown away.  It will be all change in September, the Grand children are all moving on to pastures (schools) new and they will no longer be dropping in for breakfast.  No more Coco-pops crunching under foot, I feel quite sad.

Although knowing what usually happens, something will no doubt come along to fill that little empty space, or I might even get to blog on a more regular basis.  And I shall of course find lots of excuses to visit them at their house more often.

It is the rule that children grow up and move on and to be truthful that’s the way that it should be.  The hardest thing is letting go, letting them make their own mistakes, and trying not to interfere too much and praying that they survive and turn into lovely people.

Very deep and meaning-full this morning, obviously not enough coffee and it is a Fast Day on our new dietary regime, so I can’t even have the comfort of hot buttery toast.  Porridge today, perhaps with a handful of raspberries!

The slamming of car doors, they are here!  I am off to savour the last week of cereal delight.