This week has flown by.  I don’t seem to get the day sorted and used up before it is bedtime again.

We have our visitor from Italy.  I did say that the minute that she arrived with a suitcase full of winter clothes the weather would turn summery and she would think that I was exaggerating about the rain etc.  And so it was.  She has gone around all week moaning about how hot it is and I don’t know whether to be proud to have produced Summer for her, or marvel that she finds it too hot.  At her home in the Abruzzi they are having a heat wave that is knocking them off their feet!

We are still managing to fit in our Fast days around her, with only a few little tweaks and my Other Half has told me that he has already lost a bit of weight, but then he is more focussed than me and has never been a man for sweeties and cream cakes and I am easily led astray!

I feel for Auntie Pat she has come from her peaceful,  modern, marble floored house on a beautiful Italian mountainside,  to our falling to pieces 1930 suburban  house full of clutter and chaos.   It must be a bit of a shock to the system,  and at the moment we are waiting for the repair man to come and look at the boiler, so we only have intermittent hot water.  Also the drains are still playing up!  and we are in the middle of packing for next weeks Fair.   It must be the contrast that makes her keep coming and to see her brother of course and it must be heaven when she gets home to her peace and quiet.

I am off to sort out maps!  I bought a box full of about 150 assorted World maps, some military some aeronautical  and some just topographical and I am trying to get them into some kind of order to take them to Stafford.  I love maps and so I keep getting side tracked, looking at the detail.  The map of Easter Island an air one, is 4ft x 3ft of blue sea with a small dot in the middle, how cool is that?

And if you aren’t a map nut like me,  they would cover up a large damp patch, or make lovely wrapping paper,  perhaps decoupage!  I can think of lots of things, lets hope that I am not the only one, otherwise I shall have to paper the house with them!!!