In between doing many boring things, like washing, cooking, shopping etc.   I decided this morning to scan some of the nice pictures from the books that I have bought over the last few weeks and blog about them.

The best laid plans etc.  The printer wouldn’t let me scan because the ink cartridge wanted changing, nothing to do with scanning into a file, I hasten to add but I duly changed the cartridges and it has not worked properly all day, up until now.  Suddenly it works, why is that?  And we have to go out in 20 minutes to fetch Tallulah from school so I have no time now.

And we won’t be back until late this evening because we are taking Tallulah home and stopping there to baby-sit until Jason gets back from Germany at about 8pm, whilst Kate and Tilly go to the theatre in Leicester.

This is rather a jumble blog but hopefully you get the thinly disguised apology/excuse for not getting on with it.  And apart from all that I think that I write better in the mornings, clutching a cup of coffee, before my brain has time to get cluttered with the day.

So I am off.