Auntie Pat certainly seems to have brought some of her lovely Italian weather with her.  We have had more sunshine since she arrived, rain of course but definitely more summery weather!

We have even been able to sit out on the veranda a couple of afternoons and doze off clutching our books/newspapers.  I shall whisper, in case I jinx it, but Summer may have arrived!

Today we are going into town, ‘en masse’  My Other Half and Auntie Pat, Uncle Robber because he is not working today and Katy and Oscar who is still suffering with an evil virus and won’t be back to school until next week when all the medicines have kicked in.  Oh yes, and me of course.

The Dentist finally triumphed where the Doctor failed, and diagnosed Oscars virus.  Kate took him to the Dentist because his mouth had broken out into abscesses and he (the Dentist) knew exactly what it was.  Some kind of  Simple Herpes Virus (but very contagious) and prescribed him a special mouth wash to go with the Antibiotics that the Doctor had given him and wants to see him again tomorrow to check him over.  Very efficient, don’t you think?

Hopefully this will finally cure poor Oscars 4 weeks of misery and in the Doctors defence there was nothing much to see in his mouth until the last couple of days,  and of course, he was checking for things like meningitis.

We are supposed to be having a nice little wander around the shops in Town.  However we all have a shopping list and each one is different and then the idea is to adjourn for lunch.  And therein lies another problem, as we all seem to have a different idea of where we should go and more importantly, each one has a fixed idea of where they don’t want to go!

Auntie Pat doesn’t like foreign, in spite of living on an Italian mountain!  Uncle Robber is not coming if we go vegetarian and Kate is coming because she wants to go vegetarian!  Oscar is only interested in ice-cream because his mouth is too sore for anything else and I think that the Pub sounds like a really good idea.  You have probably noticed that my Other Half has not ventured an opinion, he is sitting on the fence because he will probably have to offer to pick up the bill and is watching his figure anyway!

Do you realise that it is only 7am now?  We had to get up early this morning so that my Other Half could pick up some friends and drop them at the local bus station, they are going on a Rhine Cruise for 10 days, sounds wonderful.  We set the alarm but what we forgot to do was to put the seats back in the Kia.  There really wasn’t enough room for four people and their luggage in my little car.  Anyway at 5 this morning we were staggering about the driveway putting the seats back in.  And then it really didn’t seem worth going back to bed, a decision that no doubt I shall regret later when I sit this evening to watch the television and promptly fall fast asleep!

On Sunday we nipped to Ryton to the little one day Antique Fair and I bought a box full (about 150 in all) of world maps and charts and now I am going to sort through them and box them up ready for Bingley Hall the weekend after next, and I have loads of books still to sort and price up, so getting up early may help me clear some of the back log!

Or I might just sit here and chat to you and drink more coffee, but perhaps not!