Isn’t it surprising, how much a little bit of sunshine makes a difference?  “Gods in his heaven and all’s well with the world” Pippa’s Song, I have forgotten who wrote it, if I ever knew, but appropriate for today.

And Auntie Pat’s room is ready.  The rest of the house is its normal gritty self but at least she has a haven of fettled-ness to retreat to when we get too much for her.

And in celebration of our efficiency we are skiving off to Market Harborough to look at junk, there might even be some antiques, and there will definitely be some books.  Usually there is a very good book stall which always tempts me although to be honest I need more books like a hole in the head!

I am sitting here at the computer absolutely surrounded by a teetering heaps, which all need sorting and putting away.  I don’t want you to think that I have been neglecting the sorting of books.  Yesterday my Other Half took two large boxes full down to the local charity shop.  They were grateful and so was I!

Finished the coffee, and two lovely slices of Marmite on toast.  It all tasted even better today because another Fast day is looming up, tomorrow in fact.  Is it just me but the moment my brain computes ‘Diet’ I can think of nothing but the next meal?  Usually my head is full of other stuff but already I am fretting about what will fit into my 5oo cal slot that seems like a deliciously delightful feast!

Still, I shan’t have time for saving the Universe etc.  Be grateful at least until Tuesday and then I shall be back to my usual ‘grasshopper-ish’ ways!