It is all relative isn’t it, today I am deliriously happy with the heating on, 2 pieces of brown buttery toast and a cup of coffee.  After the Fasting day yesterday it seems like heaven and I haven’t really thought much beyond this.

Most of the lovely bits of glass that I spent all the beginning of the week putting on Ebay have finished now.  Only one has sold but on the other hand my Other Half sorted out some for a Dealer we know and went and delivered them yesterday and came home with a nice cheque.

He is feeling very pleased with himself at the moment, what with his Australian deal at the weekend and then this, and extra Brownie points for clearing another couple of boxes out of the front room.  I shall keep plodding on with Ebay, if I only sell a piece every now and again,  eventually I too will empty a box.  One day I shall be able to see the carpet again, pink,  it was I think!

The weather is our usual May grey, almost in June though, nearly Tilly’s birthday.  June 6th, the anniversary of D-Day and hopefully we shall get some nice weather for then.  I vaguely remember that when she was little, she is 15 this year, where did all those years fly to?  When she was little we often sat in the garden, in the sunshine when she had her party.

Still. I suppose if the greyness continues I can set my hopes on Tallulah’s Birthday a month later July 8th, I am fingers crossed for both.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Weather or not, today is the Fettling of Auntie Pat’s bedroom.  I have flurried in and out of there all week, stirring up the dust and moving things around but today, like it or not is hoovering  and bed making, otherwise come Thursday I shall be hysterical.  And always when I leave things to the last minute, something goes horribly wrong!

I know, I have threatened practicality before but today it will be so!