Today is a ‘Fast’ day as opposed to a fast day.  We are trying out the 5 – 2 Diet.  You eat normally for five days and Fast for two, not consecutive, or I would just fall over!

And you don’t actually starve, it only feels like it.  A woman is allowed 500 cals. and a man 600 on a Fast days.  I have spent most of the morning looking up calorie charts and being horrified by the amount of Ready Meals and Junk Food that appear on most of them.

It is years since I counted calories and really I have just been browsing and reminding myself that eating 2 Mars Bars, probably about 500 cals. is not the way forward.

At the Antique Fair at the weekend, at the end of one of the rows of stalls was a beautiful ornate gilt mirror and as I walked towards it made me start!  Walking towards me was my Granny, a small round woman and long since gone to Jesus, and then I realised it was me and couldn’t walk down there again without averting my eyes.

I really don’t want to be her shape, hence the diet.  Usually we do Weight Watchers when we get too rotund but this winter we both seem to have piled on the weight and I felt that it was time for a change.  In fact it is becoming rather crucial as everything is getting a bit too tight and soon I shall have to wear a blanket.

This diet is apparently. not speedy but then neither are we, so we should plod along nicely.  From all that I have read it is possible to drop 2 dress sizes in about a year, eating reasonably normally on the other 5 days.

I’ll get back to you on that then!