Fortunately for me and Auntie Pat, I seem to have misunderstood when, or should I say which, Friday she is coming!  I thought that it was tomorrow and am relieved to discover that it is not until next Friday.  So that gives me another few days to fettle her room and get me and the house organised.

Harrogate was good, from all perspectives.  The weather was reasonable, the hotel was good and we took good money.  What more could we possibly want.

My Other Half is very cheery about it, he sold over a £1000 worth of Carnival Glass, and we came home with empty boxes, always a good bench-mark of how well things are going.  So after all expenses we are into good profit and that is the object of the exercise.

As always after a Fair we have spent a couple of days chilling, as the modern parlance would have it but today we must get up and on.

We have to unload, and start to sort for the next fair in about 4 weeks time, unless he finds another one to slot in between.

And just as we were setting off last Friday, we discovered that my car had a totally flat tyre.  Uncle Robber tried to fix it for us  whilst we were away but one of the wheel nut things sheered off!  Now it is at the garage being sorted, and serviced and having its annual MOT.  So hopefully I shall be able to ignore it again for the next twelve months when it come back, which should be some time today.  Then I can get back to being an independent woman and not have to keep asking for lifts.

That is it really, just a quick catch up.  No doubt I shall find something else to ramble on about over my morning coffee tomorrow.