Better today, not quite back to normal, but definitely more the thing.

I am relieved, even I am fed up with all my moaning and thank goodness my Other Half is a patient man!

So, no excuses now, time to finish loading for Harrogate.  The kitchen table is covered with vintage newspapers which whilst I have been under the weather I have been sorting and labelling..  I sold a whole load in Wales and am replenishing my boxes.

Every time we go to Stafford there is a man, a retired surgeon who is, slowly clearing out his house.  He brings me a suitcase full of old newspapers and magazines.  I think that he is quite enjoying   ‘wheeling and dealing’ and he always stops to chat.

Apparently his father used to commute to London and on his way home always brought a selection of the latest edition papers, which never got thrown away.  I am pleased to have them, they are in good condition and make good stock.  The last lot brings us up to the Abdication and the beginning of the 2nd  World War. So hopefully there are still more to come, and along with those he has brought me all his old comics and bits and pieces.

I still have 13 Volumes of  ‘The Great War’.  I really thought that they would sell like hot cakes, this being the anniversary of the out break of hostilities and they are in ‘mint condition’ and have a separate index.  They are so heavy I can only carry three at a time so this is their last chance as a set!  If they don’t sell up in Yorkshire this weekend I shall split them and sell  them off for £10 each.  Of course what will happen is that I will sell a couple and then someone will come and ask me if I  have the whole lot.  It is called ‘Sods Law’!

Fingers crossed that we will have a good fair.  We only do Harrogate once a year now that we are getting older, we don’t like the travelling in  Winter.  Actually it is not as far as Builth in Wales but the motorway up to Leeds, which is basically the way to Harrogate, can be a nightmare if the weather is bad, and believe me it can be bad, and it is no fun sitting in a queue of traffic for hours when all you want to do is to get home.

And there is a little more pressure to get home promptly this time as Auntie Pat arrives on the following Friday.  It is her annual visit from her mountain top in Italy, and please God let the weather be good!  She always takes it as a personal slight if the weather is not up to what she expects.  And of course it is always a bit stressful anyway because her life and ours are so very different but I shall do my best!

I do have a couple of complimentary tickets if anyone fancies an Antique Fair in Harrogate, and it is a lovely fair.  I could  leave them on reception for you.  Anyway it is The Yorkshire Antiques and Art Fair 2014, 24th and 25th May, The Great Yorkshire Showground, 10am-5am each day.  Just let me know.