I am under instructions, Blog!

So here I am, putting off loading the car for Harrogate Antique Fair.  And I am utterly delighted to have found another excuse, so that I don’t have to get on with it.

Although, in my defence, I am poorly and I have cut my finger.

Actually I am a bit fed up.  It was Tallulah’s Confirmation yesterday, and she has slaved and practised and learnt and had to stay with us, old Didderers every Monday for twenty weeks.

Yesterday was her reward, Confirmation,  a beautiful dress, lots of presents, a special lunch and I was too ill to make the most of it.  Some kind of evil bug put me completely out of sorts.

I went but was very circumspect in what I ate, and normally I am there on the front row with my knife and fork poised.  And even worse, the most sumptuous chocolate cake and I could only manage a tiny morsel!

But then it wasn’t about me, and she looked beautiful and had a lovely day and if I ever work out how to transfer the photographs from Facebook to here I will show you the pictures.

So today, feeling slightly better, I am being all efficient, sorting out boxes of glass and if not zooming about, moving at more than a snail’s pace, thank goodness.

And then I decided that whilst I was getting on with things that I would turn last weeks stray carrots and onions into vegetable soup.  Waste not want not etc.  And neatly sliced through the top of my thumb and bled all over like a stuck pig.  My Other Half finished chopping whilst I staunch the flow and rummaged around for some plasters.

Some times I can take a hint, I have taken a couple of tablets for my headache and given up.  Tomorrow is another day and to be truthful if I don’t feel a whole lot better I will not be going to school.