All alone this morning!

My Other Half went off at the crack of dawn.  I kid you not,  5.30am!  To meet someone in Devon, or was it Cornwall to sort some Carnival glass.   He will be back tomorrow.

And then Kate rang to say that they had slept in and she would take the children straight to school and see me later.

I got up with himself in self-defence really, and to wave him off.  He is not the quietest person in the world, my Other Half.  He creeps about noisily and anyway he can’t/won’t set the electronic alarm clock, or the one on his phone, so it has to be me and mine.  He can set the old fashioned type but apparently they make noises that keep him awake (Ticking)!   Then there is the hurdle of setting the Sat Nav!

I set it up for him before I went to bed because I am not at my best in the mornings and I showed him exactly which buttons to press.  Basically ‘On’ and ‘Yes’.  We ran through it a couple of times, as we have done every time I have waved him off to anywhere on his own for the last couple of years.

So this morning I kissed him good bye, reminding him to eat, etc.  And 20 seconds later he was back, “Was it this button”?

Mind you, he always finds his way back, so I shan’t worry too much.

And then, of course, it wasn’t worth going back to bed.  Specially when there was almost a whole pot of coffee all just for me.

I have tootled about, showered and dressed and drank coffee until I am jittery and played on the computer!

And now, having decided to have toast and subsequently setting fire to it, I am sitting here in a swirling cloud of smoke, coughing and eating incinerated bread with butter. Waste not etc.  (Scraped toast always reminds me of my Grand Father, it was his signature dish)!  And just butter because I have decided that my usual Marmite, on burnt toast,  is a step to far!

I think that I have peaked now and it is only 8.30am.  I might have a little nap.