My days are all adrift this week.  A three-day fair and then a Bank holiday puts me all out of step.  School today though, and by the time that I have written Tuesday 6th May in every child’s book that I hear read I shall be back in line with everyone else.

We have to be away earlier this morning,  we have to pick up Ashton and Ellis on the way through the village and give them a lift to school.  Their Mother still can’t drive yet, after falling off her bike and breaking her wrist  and she has to go back to hospital today to get it checked over.  Apparently it may be another few weeks before she is back to normal.

And now that I have got my head around the fact that it is Tuesday, of course the Grand Children will all be here for tea after school, it is Tallulah’s maths tuition.  Chicken casserole in the slow cooker then.

They were almost home yesterday after pottering around when someone ran into the back of their car.  They are all fine and their car still works although a little bent but the poor man who ran into them didn’t get off so lightly.  His car was un-driveable and though he wasn’t hurt, thank goodness,  he was in a right state.  His wife had just had a baby and he was on the way to the Hospital to see her.   A day of two halves for him, I think.

Rather a grey and chilly morning, and it looks like it rained all night.  Good for the garden, it is ages since we had proper rain but I can do without it.  I am off to find a thicker cardigan!