We arrived home sometime between 9/10 o’clock last evening from Builth Wells utterly exhausted.  We had a good weekend, we loved our new pitch, we made lots of money and caught up with lots of friends.  What could be better?

But the days are long and full on, and packing, loading and getting home add to an already 10 hour day!  And as always, in spite of selling lots which included at least two big things, we had to reload the back of the car twice before we could finally shut the tailgate properly and it would be a shame to lose every thing out of the back on one of those Welsh Mountains!

We had a good journey home.  We usually get lost within half an hour of home,  somewhere in Birmingham especially when we have had a long full on day and forget to concentrate but last night we were determined to get home and fall into bed, with no detours.

And so it was, we were asleep before our heads hit the pillows.  And such a delight to wake this morning in our own bed with the sun streaming through the window, the first glimmer of it that we have seen for 3 days.

Wales was full of Spring but the weather was cloudy and moody, though we were grateful that it wasn’t wet, as it can be and the fields were full of little lambs and the Swallows were zooming in and out of the halls and barns.  I liked it.

Oh yes!  We sold lots of Carnival glass, so my Other Half loved it as well.

And now we have a day full of nothing if we want which is a nice bonus, before we have to get back onto the treadmill of real life!