I am not stopping.  as always we are running a little late.  For Plan ‘A’, that is.

All will be well, we have moved seamlessly on into Plan ‘C’, no one will  notice!

Instead of being away by 8am complete with packed lunch, we shall probably be off by 8.30 and buy a packed lunch along the way.

Of course I have yet to shower and pack my bag and my Other Half has just produced a box of glass, “Which we can fit in somewhere”.  That probably means I shall have to wear it all the way to Wales.

The Grand Children aren’t coming for breakfast today, which is a blessing really because we would have had to stop and have a gossip and then we would have rapidly been well into Plan ‘Z’.

It doesn’t really matter, we have all day to get to Builth Wells and set up, fortunately we don’t have to be there on the dot of opening.  The Fair isn’t open to the Public until tomorrow morning although there will be lots of wheeling and dealing going on today.

“Bathrooms free”,  I have to go, apart from anything else the coffee pot is empty.

Laters!  As the children say!