School today, after two weeks off.  I think that I have gotten out of the habit and really, I should be sorting things ready for Builth Wells Antique Fair on Friday.

Not that I haven’t been working at loading the car.  We are about half packed but then the day ran away with us and we got cross with each other and we decided that enough was enough!  At least for one day.

My Other Half is not sleeping well at the moment, 4 o’clock this morning he was reading his book and he didn’t come to bed until gone 11pm.  That is the third night in a row.

Builth will do us both good, hopefully it will be busy and we both enjoy lots of people to chat to, and you never know we might even sell a few things and we have many.

That is what we were falling out about yesterday.  We have squirreled so much away to take to Wales that we are never going to get it all into the car and so we are having to be selective.  Something that neither of us are good at and as the space in the car diminishes we both get anxious especially as we have more room to fill this time.

Because there was a bit of a mix up about our booking, they have given us a Furniture space, apparently it is a bit of a funny shape, but roughly 15ft square.  That suits us we don’t mind about the shape with our myriad of glass and books and blue and white pots to say nothing of vintage newspapers and magazines all topped off with small pieces of furniture.  I think the words are  ‘an eclectic mix’!

Time to go, otherwise I am going to be late for work and apparently there is a teetering heap of books waiting to be stamped and shelved in the library.  To be fitted in with all my other lists and jobs, and the Grand children are coming home with me for tea,  and we have to drop two of their school friends off at their home on our way here after school.

It is all go, isn’t it?  Still we shall have time to argue about what to put in the car tomorrow!