My neighbour, nervous of the weather took pity on us and transferred her garden party indoors, for which I am grateful, there was rather a brisk breeze and I am a wimp.  So we spent a lovely couple of hours chatting and eating, all very civilised and delightful.

Or I should say I did, my Other Half popped home at about 4-ish to be there for when the sofa that he traded a box of Carnival glass for, arrived for the veranda.

I just love it.  I don’t think that I have been so pleased with a new piece of furniture for a long time.  And my Other Half is very proud to have bargained and brought home the goods with no money changing hands.  Now all I need is some sunshine and a good book and you will know where to find me!

We are off to Ryton this morning , treasure hunting.  As always I have an ever lengthening list of things that I am looking for.  I have added Blue and White Victorian/Georgian pottery, preferably tureens and meat plates and Victorian Ridgway children’s toy tea sets.

There is a Dealer at Malvern who has the most delightful French toy dinner service in its original box.  Once upon a time around about 1870 it must have been a thing of wonder.  As well as dinner plates and side plates and tureens and gravy boats, there are glasses,  cruets,  cutlery, and serviette rings.  It has been played with and probably about half of it is missing or cracked and broken,  however what is left is still a thing of joy.

Sadly she wants about £200 for it, much too much for me to pay and then sell on to make a reasonable profit.  I think that is probably what everyone else thinks as well, as she has had it now for at least the last 2 years, so I just visit it and drool over it and move on.  So I hope to find one of these on my travels, at a price that I can afford, then I can have it for my self for a while before having to move it on.

That is the joy of what we do.  For a little while I can have and enjoy.  Wheeling and dealing fulfils the shopping urge and fortunately for me and my Other Half I am content to forage for junk rather than the high end stuff.  It is not that I don’t fall in love with things worth thousands, it is just that the Dealer in me clicks in and profit, eventually is the name of the game.