I woke at 5am and the rain was lashing down, and I drifted off to sleep again thinking of my neighbour.  She has organised one of her charity tea parties for this afternoon, in her garden.

Now, 9.30, and the sun is shining and the birds chortling away.  It is a bit brisk and breezy out there but it won’t be too bad if it stays like this.  She is brave, I would think twice about organising a thing like that in the height of Summer, let alone in a changeable April.  Fingers crossed that it stays like this for her!

And even as I sit here the sun has clouded over.  I shall just keep my fingers crossed for her until three o’clock this afternoon.  All will be well.

Mind you I don’t think that I shall be wearing my summer finery.  “Ne’er cast a clout” etc.  More like several layers topped off by a woolly jumper.

My Other Half has kindly offered to sacrifice the first half of his football listening, to come and drink tea and eat scones.  Very noble of him.  Although I am not so sure that had it been last weeks match, when Leicester City didn’t quite know if they had got to the top of the League (they have), if he would have been so accommodating!

Anyway because of that, and the fact that he has traded a box full of Carnival Glass for a ‘Banana Republic’ settee that I wanted for the veranda, he gets full Brownie points today but don’t tell him, I don’t want him getting too big-headed!

Got to go and clear off the veranda, ready for my new acquisition.  I am really quite excited, it has got lovely soft leather cushions and everything!