I needn’t have worried about what to wear on my feet yesterday at Malvern.  By the time that we got there it was sunny and warm, an ice-cream day and as we traversed the outside stalls we slowly divested ourselves of scarves, jumpers and coats and added them to the haul of treasure in our bags.

It took 5 hours to walk around the whole thing!  I must admit that we set off briskly but gradually slowed and by the time that we got back to the car we were all grateful to bend our knees and sit.

I think that it was a worthwhile trip, we all spent our money and came home pleased with our purchases, diverse as they were.

I could wish that Kate hadn’t gone in for collecting paintings and etchings, they are a ‘beetle’ to carry, all being different sizes and shapes and none of them fitting into our bags.  And interspace these with delicate pieces of glass and, I was going to say ‘throw in’ but I mean carefully add in a large Georgian Blue and White Tureen with lid, dated about 1830 and an awkward roll of maps and you can see another reason why we were pleased to finally get back to the car.

I am pleased with my Georgian Blue and White and lovely maps and I managed to find a nice little piece of Carnival glass that my Other Half missed, a very pretty Lavender ‘Sail Boats’ dish.  One of my favourite patterns, though I must admit even if he had noticed it he probably would have passed it by.  It is not a rare pattern and in Marigold they don’t sell well but we have never had a Lavender one before so I am optimistic and if it doesn’t sell I wouldn’t be adverse to keeping it!



I am pleased with this, a pretty colour and although my close-up picture is not very clear, entirely my fault, each of these little cameo scenes on the inside show a little boat sailing across a bay towards a windmill.  Made by Fenton in about 1911.



I love that they decorated the inside of this tureen as well, a very Chinese pattern but if you look carefully you will see that it features an elephant, don’t you just love that?  I have no idea who made it, it is English and early about 1830.

The coffee pot has run dry, I am sure that my Other Half has had more than his share this morning!

It is obviously time to get up and go, although I think that mine probably got up and went some time ago!