Second cup of industrial strength coffee.  It is working its magic, I can see the computer screen now and I can also see that the weather outside is fairly dismal.  Mind you it looks as if the wind has dropped and that is something and it is not snowing!

In fact it must be warmer this morning, the house is warmer and there is no heating on yet.  We are usually only just getting up at silly o’clock and here we are poised for our adventure to Malvern!

The burning question of the hour is……  What shall I wear on my feet?  I love my Uggs but after a few hours of traipsing around they can get a bit warm.  Then there are my leather boots but they are a bit solid and unforgiving. So in the end, rather than wear my usual black leather pumps I have settled for my old ankle boots, well-worn and comfy as well.

Do you realise that this is a very modern problem?  In the olden days, long before I was a girl!  If you were a peasant, and I would have been, you probably only had one pair of boots/shoes, and then of course it took days to get to foreign parts.  Wales for instance, and so the weather had time to change from Spring to Summer, or whatever, whilst you were on your way.

Well now,  it only takes about an hour from here, by car of course, so we shall be back before Summer!  In time for tea hopefully, laden with treasure.

That is plan ‘A’.  Maybe I should just put my ordinary shoes in the car.  Just in case they are having a sudden heatwave in Malvern.

That is the trouble with getting up at silly o’clock, us Pensioners have too much time to think!