I have changed all the furniture around in the little breakfast room where we keep the computers, and now I sit facing the French window,  so this morning I can see the trees tossing in the wind and the grey sky.  It looks very chilly out there, to inclement for car-booting, I am just going to hunker down and potter around the house.  I may well get a few more boxes sorted, or not.

I am taking my time today, tomorrow we are off at 7am to the Malvern Flea, taking Kate and maybe Tilly.  Tallulah and Oscar would love it too, for the first hour then they will have had enough.  Usually it covers a large acreage and their legs are short.

Actually it is lovely on a warm sunny day, you can sit and watch the world go by and perhaps take a picnic but I fear that it is too early in the year for that.

It takes a few hours to go around and see it all, and my Other Half insists that we miss nothing, after all you never know where the treasure may be!  So we have soldiered around in Snow, and rain and mud up to our eye-balls, and yes, even in those extremes there are usually at least a few hardy dealers who brave having an outside stall!

And even when there are not so many outsiders, there are always the Barns.  Open each end like Peterborough but these you can drive into and set up around your vehicle and then the posh hall, no drive in here but heating and tatty carpet on the floor.

I love Malvern, there is something for everyone and I would like to stand, we only ever go buying but it is a one day fair and we are not keen on doing those.  It is further complicated by the fact that you have to arrive in the middle of the night to get into the queue.

I can’t quite work out how getting a pitch there works but I think that you can book a space if you have been on a list forever, other wise it is on a first come basis, hence the queue.  We are not good at that kind of thing, being old and crotchety and adverse to all things complicated and uncomfortable.  Apparently it is much easier in the Summer when they fill the whole field with casuals (people who turn up on the day).

I shall fortify myself with much coffee, and I have my list,  and a large shopping bag, and I have ordered sunshine and not too much wind, and preferably no rain and definitely no mud or snow!

I think that I am ready!