We really have to unload the car.  We have both been avoiding it, finding other ‘important’ things to do but today it has to be done.  Otherwise we will find that we are within a week of the next Fair, Builth in Wales I think, and we won’t be at all sorted.

I must admit after a run of very average fairs, I am beginning to lose my nerve rather, worrying about what to take and not at all confident.

I suppose that is one of the advantages of specialising, my Other Half is going to take glass!

And then of course we are limited by space, in the car, not at Builth where we have booked a Furniture pitch.  By default really, usually we have a single table in the posh hall for my Other Half and his glass and me and my ephemera and junky bits share a pitch in the back barns with some friends.  This time however, as we class our selves as regulars, this being the second or is it third time of standing,  we filled in all the forms, and the Organisers said that we could have a pitch in the back barns to ourselves.

We were very pleased, but I must admit a little surprised, we didn’t expect to get a pitch straight away as other Dealers have told us that there is a waiting list for the barns.  And as the fair got closer and closer and no paper work had arrived, we had begun to doubt, rightly as it turned out.

The Organiser rang last week and explained that there had been some kind of mix up and the outcome was that we could have a Furniture pitch in the Main Hall for a very competitive price.  We would have been fools to turn it down and so we didn’t.  Fingers crossed that it is okay!

So thinking stock for Builth Wells we are off to Malvern on Monday morning seeking treasure.  Lovely eye-catching things to make my fortune.  Maybe, might be!