I am having a bit of a whinge this morning.  that makes a change!

I am seriously fed up with selling  on the internet.  Is it just the Carnival glass site, where they are difficult customers, or am I a terrible seller?

To be fair, 90% of the people who do buy from us are lovely, and often return to buy more, which is great.  Then on the other hand, we have the Messers and Moaners and the un-realistic.

The glass that we put up is all well described,  and more to the point cheap.  If you have any idea about Carnival Glass you will realise, mostly very cheap, even the rare and hard to find,  and  you will also realise that it is a very specialised market.

We know this, we understand this and we also realise that posting 100-year-old glass around the world is never going to be cheap or easy, and that occasionally things get broken or lost.

We have also been doing this for long enough to know that not everyone out there is honest, and if you are dealing this way it is one of the things that you have to learn to accept. and we do!

But that doesn’t stop me having a bit of a whinge, every now and again.

Why, bid, win the auction and then never bother to communicate again.  Just a message to say “Changed my mind” would do.

Why bid,  then moan about the postage, and insist that we are over charging ( and compared to others we are quite reasonable).  What about packaging and trips to the post office and time spent answering messages.  I know,  I could add the cost of all this to the price of the item and put it up “Postage Free” but then the price would be too high and no one would bid anyway.

And there is no way that posting glass overseas is ever going to be cheap.  Brown paper and sticky tape just won’t do.  The recommendation is double boxed!

Anyway I am off to the post office, and the packaging warehouse.  Who is taking that into consideration then?