No visiting breakfasters at all this morning.  Kate has an upset tummy as well and they are all having the day off!

It is Kate’s birthday today and we were supposed to be going for tea but I think we will postpone it until another day.  Cake is no fun if you can’t eat it!

Now that she is selling all her Emma Bridgewater pottery, and making a fortune I hastened to add.  Enough to pay all their Winter Bills, she has taken up collecting pictures.  She has always had an eye for prints and paintings and her house is full, every wall covered.  I fear that she may have to start on the ceilings next.  Hopefully, though, they will be as much of an investment as the pottery has turned out to be.  Sadly we are not earning as much from our Carnival Glass on Ebay, perhaps enough to buy a bag of logs, rather than pay the winter bills!

Uncle Robber has bought a bike and aims to get fit enough to cycle to work so I shall have to add him to my worry list, wobbling about on the roads in the middle of the night, he works shifts of course.

My Other Half is entranced by the Pistorious Trial.  I hope that I spelled that correctly, so nothing much will get done today.  Good job that we are more or less ready for Friday.  I can’t be doing with ‘Blow by Blow’ television programmes.  I am too Pensioner-ish and cynical!  Who would have known?

I have made my Breakfast coffee last for a couple of hours already this morning (I might as well have been watching the television)and I really must get on and do something on the domestic front, perhaps a little light dusting, although I fear that I really need a flame thrower rather than a feather duster.  Still it is the thought that counts, so some one once said!