We have been very busy over the last couple of days.  We have finally finished unloading from the last Antique fair and then reloaded, ready for Friday.

I know, I can hear you saying “Why”?  But we are taking different things and it had to be done.  Less Carnival Glass and instead a couple of boxes of Victorian Pressed Glass, and I am taking more of a mixture of bits and pieces rather than a lot of books.

Prestwood is a new venture for us and a perfect opportunity for us to re-invent ourselves.   Stream-lined and more efficient! Very unlikely but everyone should have a goal to work towards.

Less back-breaking boxes for a start.  Living with Quasimodo (My Other Half has only just managed to stand straight without wincing) is no fun and should we both succumb to decrepitness at the same time, what would we do?  It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Of course the danger of being so efficient is that we have plenty of time before the end of the week, and there is room to cram in more things.   Or we shall do the alternative and never give it another thought until Friday morning and find that we have forgotten all the vital things.

We would be pleased to see you, Prestwood, Stafford Showground this coming Saturday and Sunday and of course we won’t be alone.  There are three big halls full of Stalls and usually Bargain Hunt are filming there, so plenty to see and do.

Got to go,  I can hear the dulcet shrieks of  the Grand children mingled with the crunch of coco-pops, and Grand-dad getting a bit shouty!