Kate and I had a lovely day together yesterday.  We don’t often get to run away from the domestic treadmill for almost a whole day and it was most enjoyable.

We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, just gossiped and giggled and ate smoked salmon sandwiches and trawled the Charity Shops seeking treasure.

And I got to see her garden, and it is coming along nicely.  If everything that she has planted grows it will be a veritable jungle and next year when it is not so new and raw it will be beautiful.

Whilst I was out my Other Half bought a whole load of Victorian Pressed Glass.  It is nice to spread our wings a little and encompass a new area of glass although again it is rather a specialized strand of collecting.

It should, however compliment the Carnival Glass and there is a market out there for it.  Most of it is dated around the 1880’s and some of the Manufacturers meld nicely into the early 1900’s and the beginnings of Carnival Glass.  All neatly joined up, I like a bit of tidiness.  And it is nice to see the kitchen table covered in something different for a change.



I rather like this one, Manufacturer unknown but apparently dated from around 1890.  It is Green Malachite Slag Glass,  an arched footed Vase and stands about 8″ tall.


Davidson 1885, this one has a patent number so is relatively easy to find out about.  A Flint Glass salad bowl, very pretty and though it would look lovely with lettuce in, it would so much better full of trifle, don’t you think?


Davidsons, 1885, purple malachite slag glass Sugar bowl.  The pattern on it is sprigs of Holly although my photography  is not really up to showing the fine detail.

This is just a fraction of what he bought, a taster, so to speak.  Most of it he has already packed away ready to take to Prestwood, Stafford Show-ground  next week.  I am quite looking forward to it as we haven’t stood this Fair before, it usually clashes with other things or is too close to the dates of Bingley which is just next door and we don’t like to overload the paying customers with too much of our shiny glass all of the time.  Leave them wanting more, that is my theory anyway.