The gnomes are on the move, the scarified lawn is having its first cut of the Spring and now we could just do with a bit less murkiness in the mornings and I shall believe that Spring has sprung for sure.

I remember when the children were small and still getting up at 6-ish in the mornings sitting on the back doorstep in the Summer watching them tumbling in the sunshine, yes even at that ungodly hour!

Distance lends charm, if I think about it seriously I used to long to be back in bed.  Mothers of small children are always sleep deprived but I am glad now that I didn’t miss those golden mornings, even if I was a bit grumpy at the time!

No golden sunshine this morning and no grand-children either.  They had half an hours lie in and went straight to school, in their place we had Uncle Robber, on his way to his weekly Health and Safety Course, sitting at the kitchen table trying to work out his mileage over the last 10 weeks.  Apparently even with all his electronic gizmos the answer comes out different every time, so three heads and several pieces of paper later we had a consensus.  It is nice to feel useful.

My Other Half is just making another pot of coffee, Geoff is here fettling the garden and Kate is going to drop in and some one is coming to sell us some glass, it is all go here, I had better go and brush my hair.

I watched the news the other day, about ‘Lonely Pensioners’ and I felt very sorry for them.  Some times circumstances do conspire against one and  I feel quite Blessed that my life is as it is, but you do have to make an effort yourself sometimes, and I wonder how many of these ‘lonely’ people sit waiting for things to happen, expecting that life will come to them.  It doesn’t always happen and just in case you wonder, I am a Pensioner but a very fortunate one.  Thanks!