The daffodils are marching through a cloud of mist this morning.  I am hoping that when it clears we have another lovely day.  I am beginning to feel optimistic that we may even get some Summer this year.  Still the old saying goes ‘Ne’er cast a clout until May is out’.  In other words keep your vest on, at least until June!

Mondays come  around quicker and quicker.  I sit here thinking ‘How lovely another whole week’ and it seems that by the time I have said that,  it is  here again.

Yesterday we went to the Build/Renovate your House Show, at the NEC.  Not that we are really going to embark on either, but Uncle Robber is planning a new Bathroom and I am always up for a new gadget.

We were a little disappointed really!  There were lovely stalls with acres of  Wood, from whole buildings to Cat-Flaps and we loved the look and solidness, but as for the fitted bathrooms and kitchens, they mostly lacked imagination.

Once you have seen one Granite surface and wall hung loo, you have really seen them all.  And other than a bath made out of wood, which was not really a thing of beauty but we did stop to wonder how much it weighed and would Robber’s floors stand it, and then, how to clean it?  A sand down and varnish once a month perhaps!

I am mulling over what to cook for dinner.  Tallulah is with us this evening and Uncle Robber.  Rather a difficult combination food-wise at the moment, he has cut out all sugar and wheat, and she eats anything that isn’t steak or chocolate under sufferance!

I would happily settle for a jam sandwich and a cup of tea.