Running late this morning, but it is Saturday after all.

I have been busy for the last couple of hours putting things on Ebay,and Face Book.  Actually I have spent all week putting Carnival Glass up for sale and a few other bits and pieces just to vary the tedium, in a vain attempt to empty a few boxes and as a side line make our fortune.

Up to now, we have made about £15, that is if everyone pays up.  We are still waiting for the Australian idiot who bought £8 worth of glass 3 weeks ago and has neither paid nor contacted us.  Ebay are dealing with it!

We don’t really mind if customers change their minds but it is so much simpler if they have the gumption to contact us and tell us.  Otherwise whatever it is that we have sold is stuck in limbo, as technically we have a contract with the buyer!  Looking back, as I should have done before, but hindsight is a wonderful thing, this Australian makes a habit of acting like a jerk, and sadly as you cannot leave negative feed back it doesn’t at first glance show in his statistics.  However when you read down the comments that people have left, some are very negative indeed, as will mine be!

A right rant to start the day.  Good to get these things off ones chest, and then I may be calm and serene for the rest of the day, maybe, might be!

After all the sun is shining and , so my Other Half tells me Leicester City are top of the League, and are bound to thrash whoever they are playing today.  I shall keep my fingers crossed until tea time,’ many a slip’ etc!