Kate has just rung to say that Tilly has conjunctivitis and is not going to school and they will drop around later and now I have got itchy eyes.  Do you think that you can catch it just by talking about it on the telephone?  It is highly contagious and for once the little kids didn’t bring it home from school, Kate did last week.  Serves her right for mixing with little tiny kids who seem to carry every nasty contagious thing around with them for their first 12 months at school!  Any way, I hope not I as I am off to get my hair cut this morning.  It is really necessary, I look rather like ‘Cousin It’ at the moment, all hair!

Very little of the Carnival glass that I have been putting on Ebay all week is selling.  Mind you checking through every day, it seems that no one else is selling much either, at least not in the vintage/antique glass line.  Kate is still doing well with her ‘Emma Bridgewater’  but then she did have some lovely pieces.  I shall have to find some other way to make my fortune!

Aunty Pat is visiting in June from her mountain top in Italy for a couple of weeks, so I thought instead of tucking that thought away into the deepest recesses until the visit is imminent, I will start now, sorting out the dim dark corners of the house so that I don’t have to panic so much the day that her plane lands.

It is times like this that I realise that we have too much house for two very untidy people!  We use it all because it is there, but don’t very often move the dust around in any meaningful way but Aunty Pat is a domesticated housewife and her eagle eyes notice every speck.  And apparently , in Italy, everyone is a ‘Domestic Goddess’!

I am off to look for my Feather Duster, it must be here somewhere!