I bought a whole load, well probably about 10, but they are quite heavy, of programmes from the Glynebourne Music Festival. Each year they have a different designer for the covers, and one of the ones that I have got was by Grayson Perry. I can’t remember any of the others off the top of my head and they are still packed in the car, but this one was instantly recognisable.


glynebourne 001             glynebourne 002

Very iconic, don’t you think?  No  half measures with Grayson Perry, it is all or nothing but I rather like it .

We will eventually unload and I have been fetching in bits and pieces every day, but as my Other Half is crippling about like Quasimodo with a bad back at the moment, it may take a few more days.

Prestwood is our next Fair, and we are taking less glass and more miscellaneous, just to test it out.  Then after that I think that it will be Builth Wells and as we have an enormous space there, we will have to see what we can cram into the car.  We keep saying ‘we can take that’ whatever it is to Builth and I rather feel that we might need a large lorry in the end!

Time to go, the kitchen is crunchy with Coco-pops, things to be done, places to go!