Today the grandchildren’s schools are closed due to strike action and so we all got to lay-in. Heavenly!

Mind you it is only 9am now, compared with lay-ins of my youth it is a weedy thing, but it will do. At my age if you lay to long it is hard to get going for the rest of the day.

You can tell that I haven’t got much to blog about at the moment. It is very in the vein of ‘got up, cleaned my teeth’ etc. The only consolation is that it can’t really get much worse – hopefully!

The sun is shining, the Daffodils are dancing and the lawn has been scarified, and soon, they assure me, it will be a thing of beauty.

I am grateful, and feel lucky to live where I do. A letter in the newspaper the other day pointed out that half of Somerset is still either under water or covered in mud and debri from the floods. How are they coping? I don’t think that I could. I cannot imagine my house and village with those kind of problems. Where would you start? How helpless must you feel?

I am off to ponder my good fortune.